Suggest A Project

Do you represent a City office or police department interested in partnering with The Big Picture on a project? Maybe you are a community leader or a concerned citizen who sees an opportunity for a Big Picture Project in your neighborhood?

Please call us immediately at (510) 823 -7320 or email:

The Big Picture does an extensive preliminary evaluation of organizations, including site visits, prior to establishing projects. Your suggestion(s) will be considered for future evaluation cycles.

A typical program is outlined on our “we are” page.


  • The mural should enhance the building, local environment, community identity and should also contribute to the visual quality of the City.
  • Murals incorporating direct advertising, any trade marks, racial/religious/political acts or statements will not be approved.
  • Murals should be adequately maintained, cleaned and repaired as necessary. The sketch of the mural must be completed in the colors intended to be used, done to scale and portray how the mural will appear on the wall incorporating windows, doors, awnings etc. The sketch should also be accompanied by a statement from the artist teacher and young offenders detailing the theme, meaning and relevance of the mural.
  • Community Consultation, Where there is a clear line of site from a private residence or other private property to the proposed site, the residents and property owners will be notified.
  • Established a partnership with the community to create murals and provides artistic opportunities for your town’s youth.

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