• A 50c surcharge on every can of spray paint to generate $200 million to help turn the problem around. (still only 1% of the estimated $20 Billion in annual U.S. graffiti costs)
  • The symptom cause addressed with an effort be made to reintroduce art and crafts back into the classroom and satisfy the creative instincts of youth and in a positive and open way.
  • A national media campaign and school speaking visits in an honest dialogue on how graffiti directly impacts lives and communities …. the “uncooling” of graffiti.
  • Generated funds given directly to art education teachers as prepaid supplier cards to get art materials efficiently into the hands of students.
  • Art schools and colleges make it possible for their students to visit middle/high school classes one or two mornings a month, working as teachers assistants/mentors to bring in new ideas, get valuable experience and to be a shining example for younger students to aspire.
  • Young chronic offenders be immersed in one-on-one mentored redirection programs like “Big Picture” projects to discover how to express themselves in a undiluted way and make art without victims.

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